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Haley Smith Portfolio

Co-developed the site from concept to execution; integrated the site design with Tumblr; designed the logo/identity; co-contributor.
Credits: Co-contributor Cozette Lehman
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A friend and I co-developed Some Ugly Baby to highlight the ugliness of infancy and the vanity of parenthood in a variety of forms – the anything-but-photogenic, the slobbery, the chubby, the big-foreheaded, the hairy, the toothless, the whining and crying, the gas passing, the messy and the just plain ugly.

Haley Smith Portfolio

Event Poster for Logan Square Neighborhood Association (LSNA)

Haley Smith Portfolio (Writing Samples)

For Immediate Release

Product Launch: mHealthCoach releases Behavior Journal, a pioneer mobile application for professionals, parents or caregivers who care for children with autism, ADD or other behavioral issues.

Chicago, Illinois- March 3, 2010- Behavior Journal, launched by mHealthCoach, is the supreme on-the-go tool used to monitor and document a child’s behavioral issues using the ABC’s of applied behavior analysis. A password protected application, Behavior Journal allows you to store private information without worry. Because this application is easily synched with the online portal; all those involved in care can compare notes and share observations easily. The entry of each episode can be turned into a graph displaying patterns and trends for deeper analysis.

Designed to innovate journaling and pinpoint triggers of outbursts, Behavior Journal’s features include:

- Protect sensitive data with password protected application and online portal

- Enter episodic information with ABC quick entry form

- Archive, email and share data

- Graph information in order to mark trends and analyze patterns

- Journal thoughts, feelings, events and important FYI’s

- Document IEP (Individualized Education Plan) compliant information

mHealthCoach team members, Aamer Ghaffar and Dr. Kalsoom Saleem, created Behavior Journal, because of the large need to fill the disconnect between all parties involved in the care of a child with developmental or behavioral issues. "A good friend of mine has a son with Autism. He is constantly wondering if a sound, environment, activity increases or reduces his son’s behavior episodes. The application was created to help my friend easily enter data, synch it to a web enabled analysis dashboard and be available to everyone involved in his son’s care and development,” explains Mr. Ghaffar.

Behavior Journal can be purchased to work on iPhone/iTouch devices, but hopes for extending the application to other devices are high. The application is priced at $9.99 and is the only mobile utility of its kind. With rave review ratings, Behavior Journal is constantly updating and taking into account suggestions from users.

For more information visit the Behavior Journal website at

Or feel free to contact the Behavior Journal team at


About mHealthCoach- mHealthCoach is the answer for today's healthcare and patient care industry ailments. Our solutions are complimented with a very robust portal for detail analysis of disease management. Offering mobile applications for management of cardiovascular, mental, development and many other health issues.


Writing Sample from Freelance Copywriting/PR Position with Viral Mesh

Job Description: Create social media buzz and PR campaign for launch of Behavior Journal, a phone application from the company Viral Mesh.

Haley Smith Portfolio (Writing Samples)

The art of persuasion is timeless; however, with technological innovation and market advancement, the key is staying on top of communication trends. Advertising and Marketing students at Columbia concentrate on cross training between the many facets of the communication field as well as hone specialized skills in particular concentrations. With a sturdy foundation in communication, students redefine patterns and professional excellence. The strongest way to be introduced into the information industry is to dive in alongside experienced professionals.

The faculty is composed of committed practitioners who have creatively worked in the communication fields, and want to share their experiences with the new wave of industry leaders. These seasoned professionals include agency executives, Fortune 500 communication associates, political office publicists and successful art directors. Using the expansive knowledge of a liberal arts education, the faculty utilizes a hands-on approach to teach media techniques. The “doors-open” policy offers students ample time to work closely with the staff.

Students are urged to take advantage of learning from not only their faculty, but also from each other. Marketing associations, advertising federations and public relations societies are offered as an extra-curricular way to augment a student’s education. Active participation in the departmental clubs unifies the student body network, and helps each individual build a substantial, working resume. These organizations also play a vital role in hosting the Ad Autopsy event, a forum where an advertising executive and social critic discuss the impact of commercials and advertisements.

Advertising and Marketing students are offered several opportunities to achieve success in the professional world with study abroad semesters and powerful internships. With an in department internship placement center, the Marketing Department provides placements in valuable environments where students can network and gain practical experience.

Writing Sample from Freelance Copywriting Position with Columbia College Chicago

Job Description: Create text for program major landing pages that would describe the field, independent opportunities and outstanding achievements by alumni and faculty.

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